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Moosenuts Junction Productions, LLC

Newfane Vermont - USA

A Year Off With Pay* is YOUR opportunity to try and complete your personal bucket list on television.

Show Concept
Our concept is a high-energy reality show that combines the lifetime wishes of six average people from different walks of life who compete against each other for a full season. The show follows the contestants as they race to complete their own personal bucket list. 

Dynamic Blend
The show is a dynamic blend of wild adventures filled with victories and defeats, and we follow the contestants as they endeavor to have their dreams come true. Our host serves as a guide for each participant who is given their regular salary for one full year. This helps them purse their dreams that normal employment otherwise prevents them from realizing. 

Weekly Challenges
Watch deserving individuals fulfill their bucket lists. Take that bike trip across Europe, Finish that album they started when they were young.  Complete that college degree. With only their normal weekly pay, each participant is still responsible for their normal expenses like food, rent, and other necessities.  Juggling time away from home working on their dreams while still dealing with the normal responsibilities of their daily lives (kids, friends, etc.). No additional funds are given, so they are challenged to complete their particular dream before time runs out. 

Viewers will tune in every week to find out who in our group of dreamers is able to use their time wisely in the pursuit of their goals... or which ones will lay on the couch telling themselves that they will start tomorrow.